Lola sex gel products selling out in US and UK, warns sex educator

Lola is a sex product, but it sells out on its US and British websites.

It has been used to help with erectile dysfunction, and the US company says that it has received complaints from some customers about how the product works.

But there are no plans for a US recall, and Lola’s parent company, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, is claiming that the product is safe and effective. 

Sex educator Melissa Lee has been using Lola for years to help women with sex problems and is not worried about it being recalled.

“I use it every day for that very reason, and I’ve seen no problems,” she told BBC News.

“It’s been great.

I’m very satisfied with it.”

But some women with sexual problems who do not use the product are concerned that it could cause damage to their health.

“There are some concerns about its use.

The thing is, there are not really any known side effects,” Ms Lee said.

“The most common thing people have complained about is a bit of dryness at the site, but there’s nothing serious there.”

The US Food and Drug Administration is also not taking a position on the issue, but a spokeswoman told BBC news that Lola was “safe and effective”. 

“This is a new product that has been approved for use in the US,” she said. 

“There have been no reported adverse events from Lola.” 

If you are concerned about Lola use, you can check with your local health authority.

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