Which sex toys are best for anal play?

The answer may surprise you.

Sex toys are the latest addition to the list of items you should know about in your home.

And the experts say you can use them for a variety of different things.

For anal play, the top performers say the best anal toys are Tantus, The Fleshlight, and Vibrant, the best vibrator is The Real Sense, and the best oral sex toy is The WonderBoom.

The Fleshlights can be great for couples to share the excitement of having anal sex and the Real Sense is ideal for solo play.

“The best anal sex toys I’ve seen are the RealSense, The Wonderbolt, and The RealSense Mini,” said porn star Jenna Jameson.

“And The Real Sensation is perfect for me, since I have a very sensitive clit and it’s very sensitive when I’m having an orgasm.”

According to The Real Touch, the Real Sensations are the best and the most sensitive, while the Real Touch Mini is the most comfortable.

The Wonderboom is the second-best, and its vibrations are especially powerful.

But which sex toy are you most likely to use for anal sex?

Here’s our guide.

Read moreRead moreThe Best Sex Toys for Anal PlayA few popular sex toys for anal use include The Real Sex Toy, The Real, The Big Toy, and Tantus.

All of these vibrators are rated for up to two people and have a built-in vibrator attachment.

“The Real Sense has the most vibration,” said Jameson, who said she uses the Real Sex toy on her partner’s butt.

The Real is also the most popular toy in the top 20, with the Real Power having the highest ratings.

But if you want to use a different toy for anal, here’s our top 10 for anal.

The RealSenseThe Real Sensational The Real Love the Real One Real PowerThe Real Power The RealSex The Real Vibrator The RealTouch The RealVibeThe RealTouch MiniThe RealSex toyThe Real Sex Sex Toy The Real Speed The Real Power (with vibration) The RealOnePowerThe RealOne Power TheRealSex toyVibrantThe Real TouchThe RealSensationThe Real sex toyVibeTantusThe Real FleshlightThe RealVibratorThe RealBoomThe RealPowerThe WonderboltThe Realsex toyTantumotThe Real VibesThe Real onePowerThe Fleshlight and The WonderboomFor oral sex, The New Fleshlight is the best option for a single person, but you can also try the Real Love, The One, The Power, The Vibrated, or the Wonderbolt.

If you don’t want to share, the Wonderbomp is the safest option for solo anal play.

If a partner wants to share it is best to use the Real or Real Sensing.

The best oral toys for solo or partnered anal play include The Fleshbox, The Magic Wand, The Super Secret, and even The Real Pleasure Wand.

“I use the Magic Wand for solo and partnered anal,” said Jenna Jamesons best friend and partner, Angelique.

“It’s super sensitive, and it has a lot of power for a vibrator.”

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