Month: July 2021

A woman has been arrested after she allegedly sold sex toys on eBay for $200 each

Updated March 28, 2018 12:15:08A woman from Texas has been charged with selling sex toys online for hundreds of dollars each, authorities in Texas said.Travis County Sheriff’s Department spokesman David Martinez told The Associated Press on Thursday that the woman, identified only as Lulu, was arrested in late March after a tip from an anonymous […]

How do you get the best sex hair products?

There’s a whole slew of sex products on the market right now, but none are truly as sexy as the Maguro Hair Products.They’ve got a few reasons for that.They’re super affordable, and can be used with any hair type, from straight to curly, and they’ve got amazing styling.So, if you’re looking for some great, sexy […]

Crypto Coin Sex Product is safe to use

A new sex product called “Maude Sex Product” has been discovered.The sex product was created by a group of developers in the Czech Republic and the Czech National Research Council.The project aims to develop safer, more effective and user-friendly sex toys, the team says on their blog.“The main reason why we made this product was […]

Electro Sex Products: Electro Sex Production

A brand new product from Electro Sex Productions is in the works for men.The company says the new sex product is a “new form of sexual pleasure”.“For men who want to experience a truly exciting and satisfying way to achieve orgasm, we have developed the Electro Sex.A true product that has been specially designed to […]

Pornhub users report an uptick in online sex after the Trump administration takes away porn sites

Pornhub, one of the largest sites on the Internet, said on Thursday it had seen an uptick on Wednesday in its users engaging in online porn.In a post on its blog, Pornhub said it had 1.6 million daily visitors and that its porn consumption had risen “in sync with the Trump Administration’s policies.”“On Wednesday, the […]

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