‘Sex Education’ producer ‘sex ologic’ has been fined by Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

Sex Education Production (SEP) production and distribution has been banned by the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC).

The ABC and the ABC Digital news service have published details of the offence under the Fair Trading Act.

The offences relate to the production of and distribution of sexual ologies, including:Producers must ensure that they comply with the requirements of the Fair Trade Act and the Communications Act.

Under the Fair Tariff, producers must ensure their goods comply with Australian consumer law.

Producers also need to comply with Fair Trading and Consumer Law.SEP producers are also required to provide information to the ACCC.SEPs must provide a copy of their registration information to consumers within 15 days of the end of the relevant calendar year.

The ACCC has been notified of the offences.

SEPs will be required to comply in the same way as other businesses.

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