Sex toy manufacturer to open sex toy shop in Sydney

Sex toy company Ayurveda Therapeutics is opening a new Sydney office in a $2 million redevelopment project.

The Sydney-based company is planning to open the new facility in the CBD in 2020.

It will be called Ayurva Therapeutic Centre.

The company is based in Sydney’s northern suburbs.

The Ayurvadana University-based firm is working on developing a number of products including a “porn-filled” sex toy and a vagina-shaped penis that it hopes will help treat pain.

The office will focus on “developing new products that are safe, effective and compassionate for women and their partners”.

The company said it will also develop new therapies for women with pain, such as massage therapy and acupuncture.

The new facility will be located in the historic Old Town Shopping Centre in Darlinghurst.

Ayur Vedic Sex Products will be open from April to October.

The site will be part of the Old Town Centre development.

A spokesperson for Ayurvenic said the company was excited about opening its new office in the city.

“It’s great to be opening our first facility in Sydney,” they said.

“Ayurvadi’s mission is to improve the health and well-being of people in India by bringing advanced medicine and technology to India.”

Mr Teague said AyurVadana Therapeutical Centre was set to become a hub for Ayvadanas health services, including its primary care centre and the centre’s pain clinic.

He said it would also provide “advanced care” for women who had a “disease-causing condition” including cervical cancer.

“This will provide our primary care patients with a range of therapeutic options that are not available in India,” he said.

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