How does sex toy testing work?

Sex toys are tested for sex toys and sex toys are also tested for other materials to make sure the toys are safe for use.

You can find out more about testing sex toys at the Sex Toy Testing Service.

This service runs from 9am until 6pm daily.

If you’re not sure if a toy is sex toys or other material, please talk to a member of staff and we can discuss the specific safety concerns.

If there are any issues with your toy or any other material we will contact you to make an enquiry.

For more information about sex toys, please see the Sex Toys section of the site.

If a toy has been tested for latex, a product safety report will be sent to the customer and a certificate of safety will be issued.

This certificate will allow the customer to take the product back to the manufacturer if they believe they are unsafe for use or for a specific use.

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