‘Troll’ hits the streets of Mumbai

T-shirts are everywhere.

There are some that are funny, but most are a little disturbing.

This year, however, the trolls have been spotted in a way that most people will not have noticed.

The “Troll Festival” is in Mumbai and it is being held every year on January 28.

The aim of the event is to attract more people to the city for its festivals, which often attract thousands of people.

The festival is called “T-Shirt Fest” and the aim is to make T-shirt sales to the people.

It is being organised by two companies, Shruti and the Mumbai-based company “Shruti Digital”.

The two companies were formed by former Indian cricket star Rahul Dravid.

In the festival, the shirts are sold for Rs. 10,000 and the shirts sell for Rs 1,000.

This will go towards the maintenance of the festival and for the purchase of merchandise.

Shruta and Shruti Digital are owned by Shrutti Media, a Mumbai-headquartered company that has been in the business of promoting and marketing the brand for nearly three years.

In the last year, Shrivastava Prakash, Shri Prakam, Shritpal D’Souza, Shravan Singh, Shweta Sharma, K.V. Singh, Prasanna Sharma and Shivraj Sharma have joined the company.

This year, it has decided to offer a bigger range of shirts for sale, and the number of shirts will be larger than last year.

Shruta has launched the T-Shirts at the Delhi-bound Mumbai-bound Indian Airlines flight to Bengaluru from the Indian capital on January 27.

The shirts are priced at Rs 10,500 for men and Rs 1.50 for women.

The T-shirts are sold in three sizes.

The women shirts are about 50% larger.

In Delhi, the T shirts are available for sale from a small shop in the Bijnor Market in the vicinity of the Indian Airlines hub.

The shopkeeper, who asked to be identified as Shruthi, said that the shirts cost Rs 5,000 to Rs 10.000 each.

The men shirts are in the range of Rs 1 to 1.5 lakh.

He said that Shruty had also started selling shirts in Bengaluru at Rs 1 lakh.

The shirt shopkeeper said that he had sold the T shirt in Bengalure to a couple from Chennai.

In Mumbai, the shopkeepers have not heard of the T merchandise, but have seen the shirts being sold in other parts of the city.

Shri Shrath Kumar, the owner of the shop, said, “I am not aware of the merchandising activities.

If the shirt is sold in Bengalururu, the shirt shop is likely to take a call and decide whether it is acceptable to sell it in Mumbai.

If not, it is possible to get the shirts for Rs 10 to 15 lakh.”

When asked if the Tshirts would be sold in Mumbai, he said, They are not yet ready.

The shopkeepers did not know if the shirts were going to be sold at the festival. “

But we will not sell them for less than Rs 10 lakh each.”

The shopkeepers did not know if the shirts were going to be sold at the festival.

The Shrushts are not aware if any T shirts were sold at other festivals.

“We are trying to sell them in other places as well.

We are working with the hotel to have T shirts available for them in Mumbai,” he said.

Shrivash Kumar, who is not affiliated with Shrute, said he would not sell the shirts in other states of the country.

The shirts are being sold at a premium.

“They sell for around Rs 10 each and we have sold them for Rs 15,000 each,” he added.

The Shrutenis, who have been selling the Tshirt for the last two years, said they have started to see people buying the T t-shirts in Bengalura and at other places.

“People are going to buy these shirts for their birthday and holidays,” Shrashita added.

In a recent interview with The Times Of India, Shramathi, Shranti, who started his business in 2013, had said that T- shirts are a way of attracting more people.

“T shirt sales are the main means of promotion and marketing for our company,” Shramati had said.

He also said that “t-shirt festivals” are part of the brand’s “brand strategy”.

“We are looking to attract a larger audience to our festival and we want to get more people there.

If we are successful, we will sell T shirts in Delhi and elsewhere,” Shritesh said.

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