Electro Sex Products: Electro Sex Production

A brand new product from Electro Sex Productions is in the works for men.

The company says the new sex product is a “new form of sexual pleasure”.

“For men who want to experience a truly exciting and satisfying way to achieve orgasm, we have developed the Electro Sex.

A true product that has been specially designed to achieve the ultimate combination of the highest quality of silicone, electrolyte and bio-ink,” said Electro Sex CEO and co-founder Nick Jones.”

Electro Sex is the first and only silicone-based sex toy that offers the complete sensation of a real penis and is completely compatible with the most popular male sex toys,” he said.

The Electro Sex Propeller is a silicone-coated and bio ink coated penis-shaped device that is powered by an electro magnetic field.

“The Electro Sperm is a completely different type of sex toy, with its own unique and unique features.

We have created a sex toy for men that has the capability to stimulate the entire body in the most natural way,” said Mr Jones.

He said the new product is in production and will be available in the first quarter of 2019.

Electro Sperm’s unique features include:A bio ink coating on the head and base to provide a comfortable and comfortable feeling for the user.

The bio ink also acts as a lubricant, providing a comfortable feel and helping the user to get off faster, and with less friction.

The product is available in three different colours, including red, blue and green.

Mr Jones said the colour scheme was to be selected after consultation with his team.

He has previously been involved in the development of products for prostate health.

Mr Davis said the team had been looking at different ways to stimulate and stimulate and to offer a new and unique sexual experience to men.

“There’s no better way to do that than to provide this product to men who really want a truly sexual experience,” he explained.

Mr Davis said Electro Sperms could be used in conjunction with any other male sexual enhancement products or accessories.

“If they’re paired with a prostate-enhancing device, they can also be used with a vibrator, a penis pump, and you can even use Electro Semen as a butt plug,” he continued.

Mr Jones said Electro Sexual had already been approached by other companies for its product.

“We’re really excited about getting this product out into the marketplace, and I think it’s going to be really successful, especially with the marketing around the fact that Electro Sposers are the only way that men can actually have an orgasm,” he added.

“I think the Electro Spropeller will be the most successful product we’ve ever produced,” he concluded.

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