Sex Products: Organic Sex Products are Organic and Safe

Organic sex products are safe and organic because they are made from natural ingredients.

But some sex products contain potentially toxic ingredients and can cause health issues.

CBC News sat down with organic sex products industry leader and CEO of Sex Products USA, Kim Anderson.

Kim Anderson, founder and president of SexProductsUSA, has created a whole new category of sex products.

She says the biggest problem is the packaging.

“We’re in the food service industry, we’ve been selling sex for decades, so the packaging has always been there,” Anderson said.

“And when we start to add chemicals into the food, then we’re creating a toxic environment.”

She says sex products that don’t have labelling are also a problem because the labels are often not updated and don’t contain proper safety information.

“The labels need to be updated because the product has never been tested and tested and then we need to make sure the ingredients are safe,” she said.

Anderson says she hopes to help women make better informed choices.

“Our focus is going to be on organic sex,” she says.

“It’s the safest sex we know how to make.”

The problem with organic food sex products is that they’re all processed in a lab.

“I don’t think that’s safe,” Anderson says.

She adds that organic sex is still being made by humans.

“That is a completely natural process,” she explained.

Anderson recommends using a sanitizer to remove any harmful bacteria.

She also recommends that you don’t use products that contain pesticides.

She cautions consumers to not buy products from websites like Amazon that list the ingredients.

“There’s been a lot of bad stuff that’s been posted on Amazon,” Anderson explains.

“If you want to get organic sex, go to Amazon and buy your products there.”

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