How to save money with sex toys

Millions of women have found sex toys to be a source of income.

But a new study reveals that most of those who find their first sex toy a source for profit don’t know it.

A study released Tuesday by the Consumer Product Research Alliance, a non-profit group, found that women who make their first purchase through the internet are less likely to know that the sex toy comes with a lifetime warranty than women who are buying their first toy at a store.

The study found that, of more than 5,000 women who purchased sex toys through the US marketplaces Etsy, Amazon and other online sellers in 2016, only 2.7% had a “buyer’s warranty” from the sex toys manufacturer.

That number drops to 1.4% when the researchers looked at the number of sex toys sold at retailers.

That number is higher than the 3.3% figure for the general consumer, but the authors of the study said they were unable to find any data on how many women were unaware that sex toys come with a warranty.

The lack of awareness is worrisome because women who use sex toys have a lot of money to spend, and that money is used to purchase goods and services like buying insurance.

“The fact that people are purchasing a lot less products and services with a ‘buyer’ warranty is a concern,” said Dr. Lisa A. Lai, lead author of the new study.

“If you want to have a healthy sex life, it is important that you make the right choices when you are purchasing sex toys.”

The report was based on a survey of 4,800 women, ages 18 to 49, who purchased products through Amazon, Etsy,, Etsy’s own site, and other sites in 2016.

Women in the survey were asked whether they knew that sex toy warranties had a lifetime guarantee.

Of those who did, only 6% knew that the warranty came with a five-year warranty, and only 4% knew the warranty included a three-year guarantee.

When asked about the lifetime warranty, a majority of women (57%) said they did not know the warranty was in place.

That is compared to 40% of women who said they knew it was included in their sex toys.

The survey also found that a majority (53%) of women say they have never had a sexual experience with a sex toy that came with an “at least one year warranty.”

Only 14% of respondents said they had a similar experience with an object that came without an “option for a limited lifetime warranty.”

The lack, according to the study, is partly due to a desire to avoid embarrassment.

“The reason people don’t understand the warranty is because they have a lifetime contract, and they are aware that it is there,” said Lai.

“So if you have a sex partner and it doesn’t feel good, they may not even know they have it.”

“But you don’t have to be ashamed to ask for a lifetime,” she added.

“And women have a hard time asking for that.”

The authors said that, because sex toys often come with lifetime warranties, sex toy buyers should be wary of sex toy purchases, and have a plan to avoid buying a sex product that comes with one.

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