What is the difference between Patanjal sex product and the best sex products?

The difference between the best and the worst sex products is usually not an issue of taste.

It’s a matter of safety.

Most sex products on the market are safer than condoms, and most are not effective against STIs.

But they’re also much cheaper and easier to use.

What’s different about Patanjeans is that it has a clear and unambiguous brand name, Patanji, on it.

“Patanjani is the brand name,” said a senior marketing executive who has been working with Patanjanis for the past 20 years.

“That’s what makes the product so appealing.

And, in India, the brand is not just about taste.

There are a lot of factors that go into making a product good.

A brand is really important.

You have to have the right people in place to ensure quality control and the right brand for the customer.

That’s what the Patanjee family is doing.

It has been around for over 150 years and it is a family business.”

But Patanajis is different from most sex products in this category.

The company makes only condoms, but has developed a wide range of other sex products including the Pataam, a non-latex condom.

It also makes sex toys and lubes.

A new Patanja sex product called Gyan sex toys, is the latest in Patanjuis line-up.

The Gyan Sex Toys are a range of small toys, made with a silicone and gelatin material, which can be used for anal play or for other purposes.

The toys come in two sizes.

The first, the size small, is used to stimulate the anus and vagina.

The second, the small medium, is a bit larger, and is suitable for anal intercourse.

It comes in different colors, ranging from pink to white, as well as the Gyan name.

The products are made in India with the help of local people.

But this is not Patan’s only foray into the sex market.

The Patanjayas have also been investing in online sex marketplaces.

The family is also planning to launch a social media portal on Facebook.

The portal will be an official forum for all the sex products sold by the Patanthi family, including its own sex products.

It is likely that the portal will include a variety of topics, from sex toys to masturbation, to promote a healthy lifestyle.

In 2017, Patanthiya launched the Patantikhi social media platform.

It features a variety the most popular sex toys sold by Patanthimas family, ranging in price from Rs 1,000 to Rs 5,000.

The platform features videos and videos of customers showing off their favourite sex toys.

Users can also ask questions and share their experiences.

And the platform is designed to cater to the needs of the younger generation.

“The audience is the demographic that will buy products and sex toys,” said the marketing executive.

“But also the consumers that are in the younger age bracket, and it’s their first time.

We want to bring their experience to the site, to the audience, so they can understand the products and to make it enjoyable for them.”

The platform will also have a section for men who want to know more about the sex toys available.

There is a section of men’s sex products and a section in women’s sex toys as well.

And there is a lot more to come in the future.

The marketing executive said that the Patanyam family plans to make the platform available on mobile phones as well, so it can be accessed by the younger demographic.

“We want to make this a platform for all men.

And it will also be an opportunity for women, to also learn about sex toys.”

And then there is the social media aspect.

Patan Jaitley, the chairman of Patanam, said that he and his family are trying to reach out to the wider society through the social platforms.

“If you are a woman, it is very important to learn more about your body.

And if you are in a group, you need to know how to communicate and talk to others.

It was an important part of our business, too.

We hope to make PatanJi a platform where we can educate men and women.

And that means connecting with our own communities through social media.

This is part of Patanthijaya’s social mission, and I am sure that Patan jaitley and his team are taking this very seriously.”

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