Sex cleaning product may be made from ‘frozen’ human embryos

The sexual product company Hamdard has partnered with a Chinese sex lab to create a sex cleaning and lubricant product that can be produced using “frozen” human embryos.Hamdard is developing the product, called the Kamasutra Sex Cleaner, in partnership with China’s Chengdu-based sex lab, which produces high-quality human embryos, according to a release from the […]

The sex hormone industry: Why the sex industry is booming

The sex industry has grown in Canada in the past decade, and it has become a multi-billion dollar business, with more than $2 billion in sales.In a report to the Parliamentary Budget Officer, the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) said sex hormones are being used in a variety of industries.In the past two decades, […]

When you want to be a sex shop owner, buy sex products from anal sex sellers

When you’re in search of sex products to buy online, you need to consider anal sex shop owners.They are the ones who offer the best deals on anal sex toys, anal sex accessories and anal sex sex toys for sale online.These anal sex shops are also one of the largest anal sex distributors in Asia.The […]

How to have an orgasm with a vibrator

When I was in grade school, we would take out the vibrators, and my friends would use the vibrator to make a noise, or have sex with us. I never had an orgasm from the vibrating toy.Now, though, I have, and it’s not like I could’ve imagined it.This week, I’ve been trying out a new sex […]

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