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Sex cleaning product may be made from ‘frozen’ human embryos

The sexual product company Hamdard has partnered with a Chinese sex lab to create a sex cleaning and lubricant product that can be produced using “frozen” human embryos.Hamdard is developing the product, called the Kamasutra Sex Cleaner, in partnership with China’s Chengdu-based sex lab, which produces high-quality human embryos, according to a release from the […]

Westworld sex toy company unveils sex-driven toys, porn, and more

Westworld is a futuristic science fiction television show set in the world of Westworld.The show’s main character, Anthony Hopkins, is a park ranger who has been abducted by an evil corporation called “Eve”.He’s been confined to the park, and his only way out is to have sex with a woman, Dolores Umbridge.Westworld is not unlike […]

Which is best for sex: A new sex cleaning product or a condom?

The sex industry is awash with new products.But one product that’s often overlooked is the sex cleaning tool, and that’s a condom.The product is a little more than a disposable condom, and while it’s more expensive than disposable condoms, it can be a lifesaver in cases like STIs.Now, the New York Times is reporting that […]

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