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Pornhub founder: ‘We are not a company that’s looking to take advantage of young people’

Pornhub is no stranger to controversy.After launching a porn website for the iPhone and iPad, the company went on to build a porn channel on a Roku TV set, and is now offering a sex education production company.Now, the CEO of the company behind the adult entertainment site, Pornhub, has announced a new project.The company, […]

‘Sex Education’ producer ‘sex ologic’ has been fined by Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

Sex Education Production (SEP) production and distribution has been banned by the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC).The ABC and the ABC Digital news service have published details of the offence under the Fair Trading Act.The offences relate to the production of and distribution of sexual ologies, including:Producers must ensure that they comply with the […]

Lola sex gel products selling out in US and UK, warns sex educator

Lola is a sex product, but it sells out on its US and British websites.It has been used to help with erectile dysfunction, and the US company says that it has received complaints from some customers about how the product works.But there are no plans for a US recall, and Lola’s parent company, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, […]

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