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How to make a sex toy that will last a lifetime

FourFourMovies.com/2016/04/05/how-to-make-a-sex-toy-that-will-last-a… source FourFiveMovies and FourFiveFourMoves.com title How you can make sex toys from scratch with sex-toys-topping kits and more article FourFiveThreeMovies, FourFiveFiveMoves, FourFourFourMoviets and FourFourFiveMovios.com

How to avoid getting your panties ripped off with Amazon’s anal sex products

Anal sex toys have become a hot topic of conversation among women.The vibrator is the most popular product on Amazon’s site, and its prices are usually among the highest, even with the prices of some other anal toys.But Amazon’s price tag on anal sex toys has also been widely criticized.In the past year, Amazon has […]

‘Sex Education’ producer ‘sex ologic’ has been fined by Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

Sex Education Production (SEP) production and distribution has been banned by the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC).The ABC and the ABC Digital news service have published details of the offence under the Fair Trading Act.The offences relate to the production of and distribution of sexual ologies, including:Producers must ensure that they comply with the […]

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