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How to stop amway ads from showing up on your porn site

Sex toy retailer Amway is known for its high-quality products, including Amway’s Sex Starter.The company has recently been accused of violating the FTC’s consumer protection guidelines by placing sexually suggestive advertisements in PornHub.But the ads aren’t the only thing Amway ads do in porn.Pornhub also hosts ads that are in direct competition with Amway products, […]

What does sex product advertising mean for us?

With the launch of new sex products and products for couples in the market, the focus is shifting to safer sex and the latest innovations, experts say.The New York Times reported on March 23 that the industry is moving away from the traditional male-dominated sex market to one that more closely mirrors that of the […]

How to get rid of all your sex product advertisements

A new ad campaign launched on social media platforms in Australia that is targeting consumers for sex products and brands.The campaign, which is part of the Sexual Health Initiative, is based on a campaign from Australian condom maker Myntra, which was launched last month.The company’s slogan, ‘We’re the condom makers, and we want to make […]

Why sex product ads work for your company

When a business wants to advertise on the Internet, it has to decide which products to advertise and which ones to avoid.And those decisions have been subject to controversy in recent years.In some cases, companies have gone as far as to create websites to guide the decision making process, while in others, they have created […]

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