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When it comes to sex toys, girls and women’s products are selling out

The market for sex toys is booming.It’s become so lucrative, there’s even a sex toy category.News24’s Alex Gebbels is in the news this week with his report on the latest trends in the sex industry.He spoke to women sex product sales expert and sex educator, Rachel Creswell, who explained how it is all about supply […]

How to get your sex toys for $50 and up: The Best of The Hottest New Hottest Sale

Sex toys are a big business.With an average price of $8 per piece, they’re a must-have for any adult who wants to have sex without getting caught.Here are some sex toy deals on the hottest new sale items of the week.1.The Humble Pie is a great new toy that has the power to transform your […]

Lola sex gel products selling out in US and UK, warns sex educator

Lola is a sex product, but it sells out on its US and British websites.It has been used to help with erectile dysfunction, and the US company says that it has received complaints from some customers about how the product works.But there are no plans for a US recall, and Lola’s parent company, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, […]

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