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When sex work was legalised in NSW, the sex industry was thriving

A number of states, including New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia, have passed legislation making it illegal for anyone under 18 to be in a sex work environment.News.co.uk sat down with sex worker, director and producer of the new documentary Sex on the Beach, Laura White to discuss what it was like to […]

Kinky Sex Products in India: How to Get Your Hands On the Sex Supplies

A group of young women is trying to build their own kinky sex product.The ladies have created the “Kinky Sex Product” on a crowdfunding platform and are trying to raise money to make it.Their campaign is set to be a success.“We are doing this to help others,” the group’s founder, Bimalika Das, told CNN-IBN.“We are […]

What do you think about the new sex production products that come from Hamdard?

There’s no shortage of new sex products to choose from these days, from the popular Viagra to the less common but more potent and potentially more addictive Viagra 2.But while there are plenty of quality and affordable options available, the most important thing to consider is how long will the product last?That’s what we asked […]

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