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Porn star arrested in Singapore over ‘sex trafficking’

A porn star from the United States has been arrested in the city of Singapore after authorities found that he was producing and distributing “adult products” online, the New York Times reported.Misha Allen, a 34-year-old California resident, was arrested on Monday after Singapore police and customs officials noticed that Allen’s website, which is still online, […]

How to get a condom without a prescription

A condom without prescription is a bad idea, according to the makers of the popular product, Taboo.Taboo products are a range of products made with latex condoms, and the company has been pushing the condom without the prescription as a way to save on production costs.But they’re also trying to make condoms that are 100 […]

Why you shouldn’t use sex toys when you’re about to get pregnant

The sex toys you’ve been waiting for are finally here, as you’re going to have to pay a premium for your pleasure.If you’re pregnant, there are a couple of things you’ll want to know before you buy sex toys.The first is the difference between using a sex toy to stimulate your womb and your vagina.The […]

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